The Road to Brigantine Starts Now …

Oh hey open road … here we go!

Our bags our packed! The itinerary is planned! The kids (the older ones, at least) are excited! The checklist is … checked!

Today’s the day! We are hitting the road for our partial cross-country trip from Colorado back to the East Coast in just a couple of hours! Stops include Brigantine Beach in New Jersey first, my sister’s in Pennsylvania second, then on to New York to see all our East coast family that we have missed so much over the past 16 months of this pandemic.

We originally had flights and a car rental booked for this trip, but considering that the kids can’t get vaccinated yet — and with all the lovely news about the craziness that’s happening on flights these days — we decided a few weeks ago to throw in the towel on flying and hit the open road, instead!

Ready to roll!

When we started planning, we got lucky and found a pretty awesome general itinerary for a similar trip on Trippy. So we took that template and made some modifications to end up with the trip that we’ll be taking. We plan to stop every four hours so Chris and I can switch driving and get gas, and the girls will get out and run around on a few of those stops. Here’s hoping they sleep well overnight, and that the snacks and entertainment hold out! Em is, of course, a bit of a wildcard when it comes to sitting in a car seat for 30+ hours, but we’re as prepared as we possibly could be. Wish us luck!

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