We’re Back! Our Cross-Country Trip With a 4-Year-Old, 3-Year-Old and 6-Month-Old Was a Success!

We missed the actual state line when driving back, but took this cute photo at the visitor’s center … it’s one of my favorites from the trip!

We’re back, friends! It will take me a few days to get back on track here, to catch up with some work stuff and to get all the photos I want to include uploaded and edited and what-have-you, but a few highlights to look forward to in the coming days include ….

  • We saw SO MANY family members we’ve missed over the past 1.5 years!
  • Our kids were ROCKSTARS! I mean, don’t get me wrong, we all had moments! Like, lots of moments! But honestly, we had a great time on this huge car trip, and we’re pretty sure the kids did, too!
  • I feel like a superhero for having done this (and Chris feels the same!), so now we’re all … hmmm, what else can we do that’s crazy and fun?!
  • I will share all the financials of this trip which, despite being flight-free, probably ended up being more expensive than had we actually decided to fly! (Gas is expensive right now, peeps!)

I hope you guys all had great Fourth of July holidays, and I can’t wait to hop back on here soon with all the updates! For now … bis bald!

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