The Windy City: Part 3

Hi friends,

As I approach the last two days of our trip I’m getting sad. I always hate when my blogging nears the end of a trip, because that means it’s really, truly over. If there’s any silver lining to the end of this trip it’s two things:

  1. Lisa and I have made promises to make our girlfriend’s getaway a yearly thing.
  2. I have another trip to look forward to very soon—Jamaica. Next month.

Okay, so on to day 3. Day 3 was the big day for Chris—it was the day of the Chicago Marathon.

Being the good little spectators that we are, Lisa and I got up super early that morning so as to drink our delicious coffee and make our way approximately 5 streets away to the 3 mile marker to catch Chris on what would be the first of three sightings during the race.

Unfortunately, as I’ve told Chris time and again, whenever he is even the splittest of seconds off the time that he told me he should be running by, I start to freak. And my mind starts to wander, and I worry that he’s dead in a ditch somewhere.

Yes, this is how I think.

So of course when he was about two minutes later than he said he would be at mile 3, I was distracted when he actually ran by and only managed to snap this:

No biggie though. On our next two stops I was able to snap better pics, including this pretty one, which I took while we were making our longest trek from mile 5 to mile 25. (We only got slightly lost and frustrated. Plus it was 80 degrees out, which didn’t help).

After the race we were supposed to meet up with the boys at a bar close by for some drinks, but most of the boys ended up in the medical tent for one reason or another (bee stings, dehydration, etc.), so that plan was waived (well, it was waived after Lisa and I went to the bar and had two drinks each, that is).

After spending the evening with Chris and the boys, Lisa and I had plans to head out see a show at The Second City, but not before stopping at a rooftop bar, Vertigo, that our concierge had recommended the day before.

The views from Vertigo were spectacular, and while our wine and hummus appetizers were delicious, Lisa and I came to a conclusion.

We’re too old for the swanky, fancy rooftop bar scene anymore.

It’s okay, we’re not ashamed to admit it. And I’m so glad that we went, because it really was amazing to see Chicago lit up at night. In the future, however, it might not top our list of ‘Must Do’ activities.

But then, it was on to The Second City. I’ll be honest—I had never heard of the place before Lisa suggested we go, and even after she suggested it, I was a bit nervous. Stand-up and improv comedy makes me nervous (as does figure skating…don’t ask). But I knew that this meant a lot to Lisa, being that she is such an avid comedy fan (the fact that this place was home to such comic genius’s as Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, and tons of other SNL faves is just icing on the cake to her).

So I agreed to go, and I’m so, so glad I did. It’s one of my favorite things that we did during our stint in the Windy City. Turns out, improv isn’t quite so scary when it’s done professionally. The 6-member cast of the 10 p.m. show that we saw was fantastic, we were laughing the entire time. I’d recommend this to anyone making a visit to Chicago, no matter how short your stay.

Okay friends, tomorrow is my last post about Chicago. And since it was a shorter day (both my and Lisa’s flight was at 5 p.m.), it will probably mostly be pictures, because even though we technically didn’t do a lot to write about, I took lots of great pictures of the things we saw.

Until then…

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