Chicago: Day 2

Hi Friends,

So back to last Saturday, when Lise and I still had three days left in the Windy City, we decided to use the morning to rent bikes from Bike and Roll on the Navy Pier and ride them along the river. Even though I’m not sure exactly how far we rode, judging from how exhausted we both were, it was pretty far.

After riding for about an hour we came across a cute little cafe called The Dock at Montrose Beach, where we sat and did this for a while:

After spending a couple of hours riding and drinking in the 80 degree Chicago sun (amazing for October!), we headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit before heading out again to the cutest little champagne bar right in the same neighborhood of our hotel called Pops for Champagne. Pops was a bit expensive (about $30 for two glasses of champagne!), but totally worth it. It’s obviously the place to be, too—we saw an entire bridal party there taking photos before the reception.

So for dinner that night…my oh my. Lise and I got a recommendation from our concierge (which, by the way, got us a free appetizer at the restaurant…so keep that in mind if you ever get a recommendation from your hotel for a restaurant) for a seafood place near the hotel called Devon Seafood Grill.

My dinner that night consisted of:

Chipotle Grilled Shrimp appetizer
Atlantic Salmon
Lemon-Asparagus Risotto
Lobster Mac N’ Cheese

Yeah…it was about as amazing as it sounds, my friends! If you’re ever in Chicago, I would highly, highly recommend Devon’s for all your seafood needs.

And so at the end of Friday night, Lisa and I waddled out of the restaurant feeling quite satisfied and happy, and ready to relax it up before our Sunday escapades.

On to that tomorrow, my friends! Bis bald!

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